Friday, 9 October 2015

Clothes & Stuff

Two weeks happened pretty fast don't have much to show for it except a lack of sleep and a mess in my closet.
(notice the new replacement converse YAY) 
grey wrap skirt, white cropped sweater, leather vest with converse and hat comfy Monday outfit
Skirt - Joe Fresh, Sweater - Old Navy, Leather Vest - The Bay, Purse - Old Navy
Turtleneck - Wardrobe
Yay for turtle neck season!
National Coffee Day!
Blouse - Zara, Jeans - Winners, Vest - Target, Sunnies - D'Blanc
On sale and comfortable...the perfect fall shoe!
Sporty Spice.
In hopes of finishing up my degree on a fashionable end I will be uploading a weekly outfits post at the end of every week. My plan is that I dress nice enough to deserve an outfit picture per day.

Last first day of school picture 
And since school landed on a Wednesday and my Thursday class was cancelled these two outfits complete my week of this semester's of outfits.

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