Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The return of the denim skirt

When I think about denim skirts I remember two types. One being a denim maxi skirt type from bootlegger's "brody" brand that I wore pretty much everyday...it was probably one of the ugliest things -- but with two slits on the side and all its ill fitting glory I wore it proudly. The other one being the opposite was a tiny mini skirt number which I wore in my early teens. I never thought I'd be dreaming about denim skirts anytime soon but after finding a button-up A-line one in Rome I knew my denim skirt love was about to rekindle.
After buying this skirt I've been on the hunt for a nice light washed denim pencil skirt much like the American Apparel one....but one with more booty room.

Sorry Alexa Chung my outfits better because it includes gelato. You lose.

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