Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friends On Point w Fashion

The Overalls

The High-waisted Jeans

Cropped Sweaters

Plaid Skirts/Skater Skirts (w socks!)

The Original Mullet Skirt

Plaid + Leather

Cut-off Shorts 

Tartan Pants

Crop Tops

The Return of The Turleneck

The Duck Face

All Black Ensembles

Cropped Tops w Drawstring Pants

Maxi Skirts/Dresses

The White Sneaker

The Layered Rings

The Knee Ripped Jeans

The Half-up Top-Knot

Off The Shoulder Tops

The Birth of The Slitted Dress/Skirt

I've been addicted to watching the early seasons of Friends thanks to good ol' Netflix! Not only is this show a classic but it has me noticing how on point the fashion is in relation to todays trends. So get some laughs and some outfit inspirations while indulging in your daily Netflix.

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